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For my class management class, my group and I had to do a fishbowl discussion on bullying. Bullying is such a big issue in schools today and it is something that is not only in the schools but outside of school as well. Cyber-bullying is a major one right now. You have texting, Facebook, MySpace, email, instant messenger, and so much more that children can bully other children. Parents need to keep an eye on what their children are doing with technology. A parent should know all passwords and everything so that their children can’t hide anything from them.

While researching bullying, I realized that there is so much information on this topic! I found so many good sources that explained what it was and how to stop it, or how to prevent it. I think everybody knows that bullying is using hurtful words or physical violence on someone to put them down. You see all the time that students are coming to school with a gun because people were picking on them. You see children committing suicide because people were picking on them. When is this going to stop!

There are a bunch of bully prevention programs out there and one that we found was Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. It is a great program to help schools know how to address bullying and what to do, but I remember when I was in school I hated those programs. I thought they did nothing for the students and it definitely wasn’t going to stop bullying. I believe parents, teachers, and bystanders need to help to stop bullying. A parent needs to keep engaged in what their child is doing online and at school. You need to see the warning signs of bullying and maybe your child is bullying other children. Teachers need to immediately stop anything they suspect to be bullying. The sooner you stop the best it is. Also, bystanders need to stop giving bullies an audience and walk away. Most bullies look the attention and when it isn’t there the bully will stop.  A bystander needs to stop bullying by telling someone because you don’t want it to get worse than it already is.

 StopBullying.gov gives great information on bullying and how to try to stop it.

I could go on and on about bullying and my group went past our 20 minute time talking about it because it is such a big issue. It is so hard to stop all together because there are new ways to bully in today’s society. Children just need to know that bullying is not tolerated and schools need to take the necessary steps to prevent and punish bullying. No child deserves to be scared to go to school because they are afraid to be picked on. No child needs to feel like committing suicide will make the world a better place and make them feel better. Bullying needs to stop!


Persuasive, persuasive, persuasive!

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Reading chapter 7 of Julie Ramsey’s book was very interesting. It brought up a lot of questions for myself. Before I bring up my questions, I should probably tell you about the chapter! While, Julie Ramsey had her students write a persuasive paper about something that they feel very strong about and something that they could change as a fifth grader.

Persuasive writing can be a hard thing for a fifth grader and even older adults.  People tend to write about one side of the argument instead of seeing both sides. I know I struggle with that concept, so I know a fifth grader might have the same struggles. Julie Ramsay’s students were actually real knowledgeable with writing a persuasive piece. They knew that you had to state facts rather than just your opinion and had to look at both sides. I believe the examples and videos that she showed her students really helped them understand how to write a good paper.

I thought it was really cool how once the process of writing their persuasive papers were done that got to Skype another classroom and read their pieces of work. The students were so excited to read for their e-pals, but the e-pals instructor said they weren’t permitted to Skype with them. When Julie Ramsay acted fast to find another classroom, I thought that was tremendous. Teachers always tell us about having a back up plan and this proves that we definitely should. I want to make sure I always have a back up plan just in case my lessons fall through. I don’t want my students to be disappointed if I have nothing prepared for them because the first plan fell through. This just shows the dedication teachers have for their learning and happiness for their students.

When we did our fishbowl discussion in class about chapter 7 I didn’t get to ask my one question, but how do you get your students so excited for writing? I believe that Julie Ramsay did an excellent job by showing them powerful persuasive speeches given by children their age. It showed to students that anything is possible and it made them excited for the project. I hope to use the same techniques as she does, but I wonder what other ways could get them excited. It is just a lot to think about! 🙂


Ughh too much!!

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This semester is coming to a close before we go out into the schools for a month! It is exciting to get done with all these papers, tests, and homework, but it seems like everything needs to be done all at the same time! I feel like I don’t have enough hours in a day. It is so frustrating and I’m definitely stressed to the maximum.  I’m trying to relax, but it is hard when you think of the unit plans we have to do, the classroom management plan, math homework, and finals coming up.

On a better note, we get to start our field experience every day on April 12. I’m excited to see the students every day and finally get to teach some lessons to the students.  I will be teaching social studies and science.  My science topic is the Rain Forest and my social studies topic is Ben Franklin.  The students my class are very good students and they love to learn. I feel like I’m going to have a great time teaching them.  I believe I will learn so much from them and my cooperating teacher. He is a great teacher and he is great with the students.  I was definitely lucky to get such a great classroom! Hopefully all my lessons that I’m developing are educational and exciting.  I want my students to learn so much from me!

I just need to get through these last 2 weeks and everything will be back to normal, well hopefully! 🙂


The memoir process! (reflection post)

Published March 26, 2012 by eaholby11

When we were given the assignment of writing a memoir, I wasn’t too thrilled about it. I’m not the greatest at writing stories, but when my teacher told us it could be anything that happened in our lives, I was a little excited. I knew right away I wanted to write something about basketball, since it basically still consumes my life from coaching, playing pick up games, and watching basketball. I grew up around it and knew I wanted to write about one of my basketball experiences.

At first I wanted to write about one of my AAU games I made a winning basket, but then I was thinking about all my other accomplishments. Once I did that, I knew exactly what I wanted to write about! I decided that writing about when I scored my 1000th point was the best idea!

Once i began to brainstorm and remember how I felt that day, this memoir didn’t seem so bad after all. I got to basically live that day again. The first draft that I did was the digital story draft. I used Voicethread to talk my ideas out and remember exactly the emotions I was feeling. Let me tell you that was definitely a draft! 😉 Then it was time to type my first draft. It was definitely hard to try to start it off, but I realized that I could start the story by me waking up on that memorial day then the story just flowed.

Once I was done with that draft, I took it to class and read it to my peers. I got some feedback on adding some more dialogue and just revise it. I was pleased with pluses and pushes because I felt that same way. Listening to other people read their memoirs helped me too because I could see how they put their voice into their papers.

The final draft was done and it was time to share it to my classmates. I read and showed my digital story first and then read my memoir. I actually felt like I was reliving my glory days! 🙂 My group really liked my story. Kelsey said that she was really into my story. Overall, my whole group enjoyed my story and could tell I took time in writing it. They said I used great detail throughout the story. I’m super happy that my group enjoyed my story and I enjoyed all of their stories as well. Each of their stories made me laugh and I could actually relate to all of the stories in some way!

I felt that my writing definitely grew from this experience. I finally felt like I put some creativity into something! For my future teaching experience, this memoir has helped me realize the different types of writing I can have my students do. This was an enjoyable experience and I’m sure my future students will feel the same way! 🙂

Spring Break where did you go!

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My spring break started off taking the Praxis 2 on saturday morning! 😦 I was so nervous because I didn’t really get to prepare for it as much as I wanted to.  I was glad though that I got to take the test with my fellow classmates and that definitely calmed my nerves! 🙂

Finally at 1:30 on saturday, I started my spring break with staying in Indiana, PA.  I had my whole break planned out from working on all my homework and try to get caught up.  The only problem was the beautiful weather that we had all spring break! It was so hard to concentrate and try do homework, but to my surprise I came to the library one day and got my memoir done and some research done for my science and social studies unit plans. I didn’t get as much homework as I wanted to, but it was a nice relaxing break and I definitely needed that!

I was thinking over break that only a couple of weeks away we will be in the schools everyday! I’m super excited for when that arrives!  Even though spring break seemed so fast, it definitely cleared my head and I’m ready to finish out the semester with a bang! 🙂

Memoir draft!

Published March 19, 2012 by eaholby11

Here is my memoir draft! It is definitely better than my digital memoir draft but I still plan on adding things.  Please feel free to comment with suggestions and what you think! 🙂

The Big 1000

            December 13, 2007 was just a normal school day. I woke up at 6am with my alarm going off extremely loud. “I guess I better get up and start the day so I won’t be late for school.”  I rolled out of bed with my bed-clothes all wrinkled up and my eyes barely opened.  I walked to the bathroom like a zombie wishing I could just go back to my warm bed.  I started to shower and once my body started to wake up, I realized this was a big day! I have a big basketball game that I would never forget for the rest of my life.

My brother and I were off to school in my beat up 1993 Bonneville to the wonderful land of Penns Manor High School.  I arrived at school being super nervous and anxious for my big game at 7:30pm.  All I wanted to do was get through Biology, Gym, Calculus, Yearbook, English, and Government.  School seemed to drag on and all the teachers and my friends knew what this day meant to me and the school.  I tried to focus on school, but all I could think about was 7:30pm at Penns Manor High School Gym.

School was finally over at 2:40 and it felt like it was never going to end.  I knew I would have to go home and eat a good dinner so I was well energetic for this game.  I got home and my mom decided that Subway was the best thing to have.  “Mom, I want a turkey breast and ham on Italian bread with American cheese, lettuce, extra pickles, and Italian dressing. Thanks!”  “Erica, are you excited for tonight?” “I am super excited, but I’m so nervous, I just want to get it over with and win the game.  Marion Center is not going to make it easy on me but I am determined to break it in the first couple minutes.”  My mom went off to get my food and I just relaxed and got my basketball shoes, white uniform, and all the critical items to my outfit.  I had a special sports bra and underwear that needed to fulfill my superstition.

My mom came home in about 10 minutes with my delicious 6” sub. “Thanks mom!”  I devoured my sub while watching Law & Order SVU.  While the clock kept changing minute by minute, my heart began to pound a little faster and my pulse was racing.  I started to sweat and I just thought to myself what happens if they shut me down and I can’t break it?  What if I get hurt in the first minutes of the game?  What if I can’t score 6 points in four quarters? What if, what if, what if, what if?  I had to calm down and chill! I knew how to play the game and all I needed was 6 points.  My dad came home from work and did his normal routine of showering and getting ready for the game.  My mom ironed his pants and shirt and I just waited for when he would ask me what tie he should wear. Oh, if you weren’t aware my dad was my coach and my big sister was the assistant coach.  It was a lovely family affair!

“Erica! Come upstairs I need your help.” “Okay, I’m coming.”  As I ran up the stairs. “Yes dad?” “What tie should I wear?” “Ummm, I think you should wear this one with all the basketballs on it.” “Okay, thanks!”

It was finally time to leave at 5:00pm and get up to the school, so I could warm up and watch the junior varsity team kick some butt.  My dad and I got into his truck and rode up to the school. We finally arrived about 5:10pm and I got out of the car and started to get anxious and nervous again.  But I told myself that I can do this and I only need 6 points!

I went in the gym and saw all my teammates shooting around and laughing and joking.  I got out the stereo and got music playing to relieve my stress.  I grabbed a ball and went to shoot around with my Jess, Katie, Autumn, Rachael, and Kelsey.  I started joking around with them and I started to forget how big this game really was.  The jv game started and us varsity players sat on the bench and ate candy and watched the game. “O my gosh Erica are you ready for tonight?” “Jess, I am so nervous! But I am excited to finally do this!”

My Aunt Rosie and Uncle Lynn walked in shortly after the jv game started.  They both gave me a hug and wished me luck.  “We said a prayer for you. You can do it!” “Thanks guys!” As I laughed and sat back down.

Finally, it was time to get dressed and get ready. We grabbed our bags and walked up to the girls’ locker room.  I turned on the music and started to put on my clothes in order like I normally do. Once I was dressed, I started dancing as I normally did.  I tried to do everything I did every other game to make sure nothing would throw me off.  We all were dressed and walked to the gym.  We put our bags down and sat there waiting for the pregame talk.  I saw some family friends that came to support me and then it really hit me! I was about to begin the biggest game of my career!

We walked into the room to hear our pregame talk.  My dad wrote scouting reports on the chalkboard and a motivational quote.  We sat there and listened to what we needed to do and who we needed to stop to win the game.  I was finally ready and I cleared my mind of all the crazy thoughts.  I wanted to win the game and accomplish my goal.

Our team got in a circle and said a prayer.  I led the team out into the gym for our pregame warm up and I saw all my friends there with signs they made.  They had a countdown for how many points I needed.  The 15 minutes went super fast and we were lined up to hear the Star Spangled Banner.  I stood there holding Jess and Katie’s hands and closed my eyes and told my Grandma and Grandpa to be there with me.  The song was over and Larry Rice was announcing us.  A 5 FOOT 3 SUPER SENIOR AT GUARD NUMBER 11 ERICA HOLBY!!!  The crowd cheered and everyone was ready for the game to start.  Tip off came and Penns Manor got the ball.  We started our offense and scored the first bucket.  2-0 Penns Manor.  Then I got the ball and drove to the hoop.  I went in for a right-handed layup and got fouled, but my shot went in.  “The bucket’s good, 1 shot.”  I went to the foul line and shot the ball. “Swoosh!”  My friends wrapped off 3 numbers leaving 3 points to go.  We were on defense and offense, defense and offense, and finally the ball went out-of-bounds under our hoop.  “J1, J1.”  This meant that I took the ball out and someone would screen for me for a jump shot.  My mind started racing again. This is it! If I make this shot I did it! I can do this! I can do this!! The referee hands me the ball and I threw it in.  Jess screened for me and Autumn passed me the ball.  I was behind the 3 point line and I fired up the 3.  I felt like the ball was in the air for an eternity.  Finally, “swoosh!” I jumped up and knew the ball went in.  Tears came flowing out of my eyes.  “Erica Holby has just scored her 1000th point!” Everyone in the crowd stood up and clapped.  I ran to my dad and he picked me up with joy.  My sister gave me a huge hug with a big smile on her face.  My dad handed me the ball I scored my 1000th with and I went over to my mom, who was doing to scorebook.  I hugged her and handed her the ball.  It was the greatest feeling and the best accomplishment I ever had!  From the time I was a little girl, I wanted to score 1000 points in my career and I finally did it!

After my celebration, we still had a game to win.  I hugged some of my teammates and went back on the floor to finish the game against Marion Center.  It was a close game! We ended up winning by only 3 points! It was 69-66 and I ended up with 19 points.  I wasn’t super excited with my performance the rest of the game, but I put that in the back of my mind and smiled because I knew I finally did it.  After the game, the booster club got me a cake and flowers.  My team, coaches, and their families all sat in the cafeteria eating cake, talking, and laughing.

It was time for my family and me to go home, so I could shower and go to bed.  We got to the house and my brother congratulated me for my accomplishment and I went upstairs to get a shower.  I finally got snuggled up in my bed and the last thing I thought of was, “I’m glad I scored my 1000th point and I’m glad my whole family was a part of it.”  I rolled over and closed my eyes.


Julie Ramsay

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After reading through Julie Ramsay’s “Can We Skip Lunch and Keep Writing,” I can see a lot of the helpful ideas she explains that she did with her 5th grade class.  The other day in class my group was given the topic to discuss what Julie Ramsay’s students will take from her class and apply it after they graduate high school.  Her class is going take a lot from her.  They will always be able to work collaboratively with other students and colleagues.  Plus the preparation she has her students do will stick with them through life.  They will know that pre-writing and drafting is the best way to accomplish good pieces of work.

Also, Julie Ramsay incorporates a lot of technology into her classroom.  She is always finding new software to use with her students.  For example, using Voicethread to use for digital storytelling.  I am actually using that for my drafting part of my memoir.  I’m not even in her class and she is influencing me.  Her students are going to be able to use technology throughout their whole lives.  Even when they graduate high school technology is going to change, but they will be able to research and look on the Internet to find new software that will add spice to their pieces of work.

This book is super helpful for when I become a teacher.  I will be able to use some of the ideas she used with her students and see if I have the same impact on them as she does with her students! 🙂